Our approach

Landscape Architecture LA_LLH in 7 distinct expressions

1. Projects for the landscape / Projects in the landscape.

  • A degree course that focuses on the care and modification of urban, agricultural and natural landscapes.
  • A degree course that proposes the landscape point of view as a reference for many other areas of design.

2. Sublime landscape / Degraded built heritage.

  • A Degree Course in which the care and transformation of landscapes is studied and planned, with a focus on aesthetics, the sublime, the conditions of natural equilibrium.
  • A Degree Course that concerns the recovery of the most degraded landscapes, abandoned places, the legacy of a century of development that was often disorderly and destructive.  

3. Culture of the project / Polytechnic knowledge.

  • A degree course in which the critical and technical culture of drawing and design is practised.
  • A degree course that integrates the techniques and culture of many different disciplines.

4. Conservation and recovery / design and innovation.

  • A Degree Course that attaches great importance to the care of heritage inherited from the past.
  • A Degree Course that looks to the future, which enhances the capacity for innovation, as a way of interpreting change over time.

5. Long term vision / small step management.

  • A degree course which courageously deals with future and possible conditions, including utopia.
  • A degree course that considers the management and care of the landscape, tangibly and realistically, as an integral part of each project.

6. Nature and ecology / history and society.

  • A Degree Course that considers nature and the evolutionary and eco-systemic dimension of the landscape.
  • A Degree Course that enhances the historical and social aspects of the landscape and their evolution in line with the principles of the European Landscape Convention

7. Italy/The World.

  • An International Degree Course in Landscape Architecture in Milan, a benchmark city in Europe for design and planning, which considers the Italian landscape, its qualities and fragility as a laboratory of innovation and experimentation
  • A master’s degree course aimed at students from all over the world, completely open to an international dimension and the challenges posed by the great changes taking place on a planetary scale.